Product Release - Halo PreSurvey Pack


Product Release - Halo PreSurvey Pack

Halo Feedback is proud to announce the upcoming release of ‘Halo PreSurvey’ – a series of carefully curated tools and templates, expert research and guidelines – packaged together to support the needs of talent development professionals when preparing for a successful competency assessment process.

With over 20 years of experience in competency assessment technology and implementation, we deeply understand what it takes to prepare participants and their raters when seeking, receiving and giving feedback – and for managers and coaches to successfully prepare and debrief feedback results. The value of feedback is heavily dependent on the quality of planning activities before and after the feedback event and we believe that communication to all parties (participants and raters alike) and supporting guidelines to help people understand what happens during and after the event, is crucial to its success.

Templates provided will support:

  • Halo Feedback’s Leadership competency model
  • Process overview for common assessment initiatives
  • Checklist and timeline of tasks required to support the process
  • Participant planning guideline – what to expect and how to prepare for your feedback
  • Rater communications – what to expect and how to give effective feedback
  • Administrator guidelines – how to schedule and plan your feedback events
  • Mapping development activities to your competency framework – guidelines and tips
  • Coaching tips for Halo Feedback’s most common competencies
  • A guide to delivering feedback for Coaches and Managers.

Halo PreSurvey will release in early Q1 2024 and be available at no cost to our clients and partners.

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