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Global organisations have trusted us since 2001 to complement their assessment and 360 degree feedback initiatives, delivering high impact outcomes for their clients and stakeholders.



Client & Partner Snapshot

Corporate Enterprise

Halo Feedback was engaged by a global commercial and retail bank to manage capability assessment and development across the enterprise.

Our platform supported 5 levels of leadership 360-degree assessment, all formally linked to professional development programmes, where leaders worked with their results via our online, interactive and mobile friendly reports during and after the programme.

One of the final elements within the programme was the selection of 3 critical competencies for development – of which leaders then created monthly pulse check-in’s to seek ongoing feedback from their coach or mentor and to keep these 3 critical competencies ‘front of mind’.

Outside of formal programmes, leaders could self-register to complete a 360-degree assessment and seamlessly link their development needs to a range of online and offline learning interventions available within the bank or download coaching tips that are unique to their needs.

Business unit leaders used Halo Feedback to manage 180-degree ‘functional capability’ assessments, measuring the unique traits required across finance, marketing, sales, product management and more – helping to identify and develop the functional capabilities needed within the business but also aligning functional capability to leadership behaviours for a truly holistic view of talent.

Global Partnership

Halo Feedback was engaged by a global leadership and sales development partner to replace a series of legacy, internally developed systems and external competency assessment vendors – to create a single, unified platform in which to manage and deploy their range of assessments and diagnostics to their clients globally.

Along with deep customisation of our platform to recreate their existing diagnostics, we also enhanced the user experience by creating online, interactive and mobile-friendly versions of previously paper-driven reports.

Users can now view their diagnostic and assessment results online, in an engaging, interactive and easy to understand manner, all while linking to our partners extensive repository of development interventions.

All diagnostics and assessments were created to be supported across a dozen languages while our partner management portal enables consultants to have one single unified location to create new, or manage existing accounts.

Mid-Tier Market Leader

Halo Feedback was chosen by a national insurance company as its platform of choice for group, individual and team assessment to be rapidly deployed and used in an ‘as-needed’ basis by talent development teams and individual line managers.

From initial request to platform ‘go-live’, Halo Feedback was ready and delivering feedback within two weeks – using client specific competencies aligned to development resources.

Individuals started a multi-rater feedback process by nominating their raters, sought manager endorsement for chosen raters, completed their self assessment and viewed their online interactive reports, to determine the most appropriate opportunities for development.

Halo Feedback’s Data Insights module then helped HR Leaders to understand (a) overall level of organisational capability, (b) what capabilities are most important to leaders, (c) Are important capabilities being developed?, and (c) if so, is that development having the desired effect on capability uplift – all using real-time interactive and engaging reports and analysis.


Bringing awareness and transformation into lives of leaders and global organisations. For the last fifteen years, LQ has been offering specially designed education in the field of management and development of organisational culture.

Halo Feedback partners with LQ in the Balkans region to provide local sales and support. Visit www.lq.hr

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