Pulse: How To Measure Behaviour Change Over Time

Pulse Survey 360-degree Feedback Competency Assessment Software

Pulse: How To Measure Behaviour Change Over Time?

What’s A Pulse?

Unlike the conventional approach to 360-degree feedback, which is often a one-time or annual event, Halo Pulse allows users and leaders to select specific behaviours they wish to develop and retest themselves over a certain period of time. Leaders can then track their team’s progress and development in real-time, enabling them to monitor and enhance their team’s performance and behavioural change successfully.

Pulsing empowers both individuals and teams to introduce specificity and accountability when measuring their leadership and growth cycle. Furthermore, it helps to keep development capabilities front of mind, promote behaviour change, as well as monitor and enhance team performance.

Designed specifically for simple setup and completion, Pulses are fully optimised for mobile devices. Additionally, our data insights platform assists in articulating key findings in data over time, transforming the feedback and assessment process into a continuous development experience with a greater impact on individual, team and organisational growth.


Utilising insights and significant discoveries from your comprehensive 360-degree survey, a Halo Pulse survey empowers you to create a shortlist of behaviours you personally aim to develop. You also have the ability to invite others, such as your manager or coach, to provide feedback. At regular intervals, your Pulse prompts you to ‘Check-in’ and rate your progress in developing your specific behaviours. This generates a ‘longitudinal’ view of your ratings and those of your feedback providers, resulting is an interactive report that dynamically illustrates how your behaviours evolve over time. Furthermore, it also allows you to compare each Pulse event in your development journey.


Team leaders have the option to initiate group Pulse surveys within their teams, based on the development needs identified in their ‘Leader Insights’ dashboard. By doing so, team leaders can facilitate behaviour change by assisting individuals in identifying and reflecting on the team’s developmental requirements. Through frequent Pulsing, individuals become more aware of team growth, while team leaders gain access to a collective dashboard that demonstrates changes over time.


The Pulse survey capabilities also double as group and business-wide ‘Check-ins’ and team surveys for the entire business. Creating a Pulse based on any desired behaviour or topic relevant to the organisation, Halo quickly collects large volumes of data from a wide range of participants. Our interactive Pulse insights then provide comprehensive reports on that data. Team surveys can be conducted as standalone events. Alternatively, users can schedule to run at regular intervals or repeated on an as-needed basis. These insights visualise the data, creating easy-to-understand and meaningful results from a single survey event or through comparisons and rich insights across multiple survey events.

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