Halo Feedback


Unlike the conventional approach to 360-degree feedback, which is often a one-time or annual event, Halo Pulse allows users and leaders to select specific behaviours they wish to develop and retest themselves over a certain period of time….
While the 360-degree feedback should be used for assessment and to gather the data for analytics, it’s ultimate goal is to helps enhance your organization’s bottom line and at the same time creates an environment that experiences greater cooperation, collaboration and success…
The development journey of the organisation as a whole, through team surveys, individual pulse checks and employee engagement surveys, allow for strong leaders to be developed, as their team develops, with each individual able to stay motivated by being part of their own development journey and thus career progression….


Halo Feedback is proud to announce the upcoming release of ‘Halo PreSurvey’ – a series of carefully curated tools and templates, expert research and guidelines – packaged together to support the needs of talent development professionals….

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