Introducing Halo Feedback Virtual Coach – Leveraging the Power of Generative-AI to Support the 360-degree Interpretation and Debrief Process

Introducing Halo Feedback Virtual Coach – Leveraging the Power of Generative-AI to Support the 360-degree Interpretation and Debrief Process

Halo Feedback – a global leader in competency assessment software technology, is pleased to announce the launch of Halo Virtual Coach – an integrated AI assistant that empowers assessment participants, their managers and coaches, and key stakeholders alike. Virtual Coach can rapidly and accurately analyse key findings within a competency assessment initiative, including all highlights obtained through quantitative data and rich insights and interpretations of qualitative feedback.

Virtual Coach is launched within a report and verbally interprets feedback for the user – delivering valuable insights in an engaging manner. Users can select from a series of questions to ‘query’ the virtual coach and receive their debrief in real time. This is as if received by an actual coach via an online meeting.

‘The benefits of generative-AI embedded in a 360-report are enormous.’ , said Tom Power, CEO of Halo Feedback. ‘Our single-minded focus on continuously developing world-class technology to support our clients and partners globally means we are early adopters of generative-AI technology. We believe we are pioneering the use of this technology in a manner that adds significant value to users.

Features of Virtual Coach include:
  • The ability for participants to self-interpret and debrief in preparation for development discussions with managers and stakeholders similarly.
  • The ability for managers or stakeholders to prepare for detailed ‘one-on-one’ or team debriefs by getting a comprehensive and quick overview of insights for each report.
  • The ability to specifically remove unconscious bias from report interpretation by all parties involved in the debrief and development process.
  • Less opportunity to miss key findings and highlights, particularly those found in comments provided by raters throughout the survey.
  • The opportunity to seamlessly align insights from multiple components found in detailed 360-degree feedback accordingly. For example, Virtual Coach cross-analyses data based on strengths, development needs, hidden and blind-spot results, with competency importance ratings and associated qualitative feedback from raters.

Notably, many organisations are struggling to manage debrief processes in a timely manner. For instance, workforces are still diversified and less committed to office environments. Simply coming together to support meaningful debriefs is often difficult and can be overlooked. As a result, this can lead to suboptimal experiences when receiving feedback and limited to no development outcomes. Virtual Coach, as part of Halo Feedback’s online, interactive and mobile friendly user reporting is designed to change that.

The overall feedback process is also supported by development plans and coaching tips aligned to developing competencies. Additionally, post-assessment ‘Pulse’ check-ins to support behaviour change positions Halo Feedback as the leading Platform for Measuring People Development.

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