Boost Employee Development and Organisational Success with Halo Feedback Development Plan 


Boost Organisational Success with Halo Feedback Development Plan 

Halo Feedback can transform the way organisations approach employee development with its powerful Development Planning module. Halo Feedback links your company’s development resources directly to comprehensive competency assessment reports, enabling individuals and teams to bridge the gap between assessment results and competency growth.  
Traditional 360-degree feedback reports often fall short when it comes to translating results into actionable development strategies. Halo Feedback takes a smarter approach by allowing users to drill into their report results and gain valuable data insights. By selecting the competencies they wish to develop, Halo then provides a direct breakdown of resources and offerings available within your company or organisation. This seamless connection between feedback and company specific development interventions ensures that individuals receive tailored support to fuel their competency growth. 

At an organisational level, Halo Data Insights offer valuable metrics to learning stakeholders, identifying the most frequently selected competencies for development, and the ability to cross reference those competencies with group-wide priorities – addressing the topic of ‘Can we articulate what competencies we mostly frequency develop? Are those competencies of importance or priority to us and do we see a change in those competencies over time due to that development?’ 

Empowering Users Through Strategic Partnership and Content Curation

While Halo Development plan is designed to use organisational-specific learning interventions, Halo Feedback also partners with pioneers in strategic content curationS4K Research. A leader in ‘curation as a service’, S4K monitors over 70 of the world’s best sources of management thinking, including elite business schools, global consultancies, and thought leaders to select the best content relevant to business challenges leaders face today. Our seamless integration with S4k means Halo users have direct access to S4K’s 1-minute summaries of relevant articles as well as the option to read the full article, watch a video or listen to a podcast – all within our online interactive assessment report and mapped to client specific competencies. 

Additionally, by utilising our generative AI-technology in Virtual Coach to better understand feedback received, along with Pulse surveys to embed behavioural change over time, users have the support they need to excel in their professional development journey. 

To experience a demo of your integrated Development Plan, contact us here.  

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