Halo Feedback Client Services - Your Global Partner for Seamless 360-Degree Feedback and Capability Assessment Support

Halo Feedback Client Services - Your Global Partner for Seamless 360-Degree Feedback and Capability Assessment Support

The Halo Feedback Client Services Team plays a pivotal role in simplifying your 360-degree feedback survey and capability assessment-related needs. Operating from both of our offices located in Galway, Ireland and Sydney, Australia, our team is strategically positioned to provide on hand support and coordination to clients and partners through all steps of the assessment process.

For all our clients and partners, Halo Client Services acts as a personal outsourced assessment team that works to your specific survey and assessment requirements. Our team services encompass various aspects, starting with the building and creation of surveys within the Halo Feedback system. Direct user support is at the core of what we do. In addition to addressing any technical issues, Halo Client Services works alongside partners to deeply understand their project or program’s unique requirements and advises on the best approach for achieving these objectives.

Depending on a client or partners desired outcomes, the client services team is available to provide different levels of support. Whether it’s a more hands on approach from launching to closing out a project, or alternatively, if client would prefer to independently curate and manage their capability assessment set up, Halo Feedback allows for full self-sufficiency. The client services team can take a step back and be on hand for any assistance required along the way.

Global Reach, Direct Support

At Halo Feedback, we know the importance and value of effective communication, and we provide accessible means for you to connect with us directly. Whether speaking with one of our team members on a phone call or a scheduled meeting, client’s concerns are always a priority. Our teams are based in Sydney, Australia and Galway, Ireland collaborate seamlessly to ensure timely resolutions to any issues. We have client services on hand, covering all corners of the globe to accommodate the various time zones our European, North American and Asia Pacific clients and partners are based.

In addition to survey creation and user support, we offer a range of services including assistance with survey communications, UX testing and client demos. We also provide one-on-one client or consultant administrative training to guide you through the platform. The Halo Feedback Client Services Team acts as a dedicated partner in achieving your project or program goals.

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