Case Study: Global Food Science & Sustainable Nutrition Leader Engages Halo


Global Leader in Food Science and Sustainable Nutrition Engages Halo Feedback

A global leader in food science and sustainable nutrition, has recently engaged with Halo Feedback to support a large-scale employee development initiative. The collaboration required the designing of comprehensive assessments that would measure the core and functional capabilities of employees in over 100 different roles. 

Initially, the company recognised the need to create a far-reaching capability framework that encompassed a broad spectrum of their business. The major challenge lay in rapidly designing 180-degree capability assessments for such a diverse range of roles. 

Identifying Organisational Strengths and Development Needs

Halo Feedback worked closely with the business to develop a comprehensive assessment program that provided cutting-edge results. The program not only generated individual capability reports for one-on-one coaching and debriefing but also played a crucial role in identifying organisational strengths and development needs. Halo Enterprises’ data insights platform empowered the company with real-time interactive reporting capabilities.  

Data insights facilitates the analysis of data across various organisational assessments, enabling the company to understand their strengths, development areas, and track changes over time. One of the notable features of Halo’s data insights is the Pulse survey, which identifies critical competencies for the business and the frequency with which these competencies are selected in development plans. Additionally, the platform generates heat map analyses across large audiences, allowing the company to pinpoint specific strengths and development needs. 

An Evolving Competency Landscape

Unlike traditional capability assessment reporting, Halo Feedback’s data insights facilitates the ability to align common competencies across multiple assessments. This unique capability matrix enables the organisation to examine data both vertically and horizontally, providing a holistic view of the organisation’s capabilities. By adopting this innovative reporting approach, the company has gained deeper insights into the overall competency landscape and identified areas for improvement.

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