Case Study: International Consultancy & Strategy Firm Migrates to Halo


Multinational Consultancy & Strategy Firm Migrates to Halo Feedback

A renowned international consultancy and strategy firm has forged a strategic partnership with Halo Feedback to support their leadership assessment and development practices. With headquarters in Europe, and clients across the globe, the firm’s mission is to empower companies and their employees through their cutting-edge leadership and culture solutions, strategy consulting and people development. 

Previously relying on a third-party platform to meet their 360-degree feedback and leadership assessment requirements, the global firm made a strategic decision to migrate to Halo Enterprise, recognising its potential to further enrich their technical capabilities in this space. 

In partnership with the firm, Halo Feedback was driven to meet the need to make its advanced technological capabilities accessible to assessment experts worldwide. Notably, supporting clients spanning diverse geographical locations and multilingual requirements. Leveraging our expertise, Halo Feedback was able to provide a global consulting portal, delivering a tailored support experience, and enable seamless adoption by consultants when meeting their client’s needs.  

Aligning Development Strategies with Client-Specific Competencies

One of the key benefits, from an end client perspective, was the significant enhancement of user experience. For example, post-assessment capabilities are now available, greatly improving leadership offerings and enabling a more comprehensive understanding of client feedback. This also enabled the firm to align coaching and development strategies with client-specific competencies by leveraging Pulse surveys and analysing data through the platform’s rich and interactive data insights. 

The collaboration between the global firm and Halo Feedback represents a major step forward in the space of leadership assessment and development. Furthermore, through the combined expertise of a global consulting powerhouse and Halo Feedback’s advanced software technology, our partnership elevates and redesigns the way organisations approach 360-degree feedback and leadership assessment. Together, we share a vision of creating impactful and data-driven strategies to drive growth and success. 

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