Case Study: Global Consulting Firm in Partnership with Halo Feedback

Global Consulting, Accounting & Audits Firm Partners with Halo Feedback

Case Study: Global Consulting Firm in Partnership with Halo Feedback

Since 2019, one of the leading global consulting firms has embarked on a transformative partnership with Halo Feedback. As a world leader in consulting, accounting, and audits, this organisation has long been a trusted advisor to their clients’ human capital consulting practice.

Traditionally, they provided support through an internally developed assessment platform. However, over time, the firm recognised the increasing challenge of maintaining and updating an internal assessment solution, as well as keeping it relevant in meeting client requirements. 

Transforming 360-Degree Feedback Assessment Capabilities

To address this challenge, the firm partnered with Halo Feedback to transfer their assessment capabilities into Halo Enterprise. Working in collaboration, Halo Feedback commenced the process of replicating the firm’s existing and established diagnostics. Additionally, this was combined with the need of incorporating highly custom user interfaces and reporting requirements. 

The deliverables of the partnership were to mirror and enhance the existing frameworks within the company and meet any additional requirements. As a result, online interactive reporting and rich data insights are now a principal offering for all global clients. Notably, given the sensitive data privacy requirements of European clients, all platform support originated from the Halo Feedback European Client Services centre based in Ireland. 

Enhanced Solutions and User Experience

The result of our partnership continues to be an evolving collaboration that continuously develops and adopts new diagnostics to support leadership and team effectiveness in a more timely, agile, and engaging manner. The outcome has provided enhanced solutions that not only mirror existing company frameworks but also meet the unique needs of clients. By leveraging the capabilities of the Halo Enterprise platform, the firm can also provide their clients with improved reporting features, rich data insights, and an engaging user experience. 

The evolving partnership between the global consulting firm and Halo Feedback showcases a commitment to innovation and a dedication to meeting client demands effectively. With the ability to create and adopt a wider range of diagnostics, the firm continues to support leadership development and enhance team performance for their clients globally.  

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