Big 4 Bank implements customised leadership framework integrating Halo Feedback and S4K Research

One of the largest retail and business banks in Australia and New Zealand uses Halo Feedback to manage leadership assessment throughout the organisation. Using a custom leadership framework that spans 3 levels of leadership, 360-degree feedback is aligned to formal internally delivered programs along with ad-hoc developmental requests throughout the business.

Results are delivered to participants via a custom online, interactive report, helping participants to understand strengths to leverage and developmental opportunities aligned to program deliverables. A re-assessment is taken at 10 – 12 months and historical results are overlayed on individual reports to highlight progression.

Recently the bank integrated a comprehensive 70:20:10 guide into their leadership framework and, along with the coaching tips and support offered in this guide, the ‘10’ comprised of leadership Insights delivered via S4K Research (, which is available to all users and delivered via the bank’s bespoke learning portal.

The leader is served a 1-minute summary of this content to them the opportunity to tap into the core of the article quickly with suggestions on action points to put it into practice. The leader also has the option to read the full article, watch a video or listen to a podcast, depending on the type of content.

At an organisational level, having participants short-list developing competencies and consume relevant learning opportunities from within their 360-degree feedback report, creates an unparalleled opportunity to understand group needs, and Halo Feedback’s Data Insights module delivers these metrics in real time.

Stakeholders can now easily identify the most commonly developed competencies, and have opportunities to overlay this against management perception of importance against role. Using comparative analysis, the Bank will be able to identify the impact this development has over time on these leadership competencies.

Said Tom Power, CEO of Halo Feedback – ‘By modernising the 360-degree feedback process and placing more resources at the fingertips of participants, our client has moved from a traditional, single-use application of 360-degree feedback to a more continuous assessment and development experience, making feedback more relevant and useful while also promoting the effective use of excellent leadership insights and resources, while also informing stakeholders of metrics previously unavailable with traditional feedback exercises’.

Fredric Helgesson – CEO of S4K Research said ‘Providing leaders with bite size learning opportunities directly when they see their 360 assessments result will be very powerful in driving their development by leveraging from their intrinsic motivation. In addition, the Leadership Insights web app will provide them with the latest 1 Minute Summaries to help improve their everyday leadership.’

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